2017 Show Events 

Winners of the 2016 Tart of the Show Raya Brunello, Leanne Prior & Megan Wright. Challenge was to feature Macadamias

Tart of the Show

Head Steward: Donna Jenner 0438 871 698

Tarts must be registered for judging by 9.45am on Saturday, 18th November at the marquee beside the Moller Pavilion.
Judging commences at 10am sharp   /   Entry fee: $2.00 per exhibit

2017 Challenge CHEESECAKE featuring FRUIT

All entries must be made entirely by entrant.
Tarts will be judged in front of the public by three judges - a qualified Chef, a professional Fruit Grower & a random bloke (not related to any contestants)
Judging is based on Taste, Appearance, Cooking Skills & 'Moorishness

Sponsored by Paul Schultx
First Prize: Rosette & $50.00
Second Prize: Rosette & $30.00
Third Prize: Rosette & $20.00




Saturday afternoon in main ring. Nominations at Ring Office
Entry fee $10.00
First Prize $150.00, Second Prize $100.00, Third Prize $50.00
Sponsored by Bangalow Hotel

Competitors must wear a shirt with buttons down the front. Proper leather belt that can be removed from jeans. Jeans not pants - with belt tabs. Must wear riding boots with no buckles.
Rider must be over 18 years of age.
Must ride your own horse & must nominate a person to hold horse at various times during the competition.
Start with competitors lined against the ring fence facing towards the centre ring. The competitors assistant is holding your horse & competitor is on foot.
At sound od start competitors run to the chairs in ring, strip down to underwear (swimwear). Must undo buttons on shirt, remove belt from jeans & take shoes & socks off. Place clothes on chair.
Run through the obstacle course on foot until running back to horse. Jump on horse & gallop the designated course to stopping point. Jump off horse & lead back to handler.
Re-run on foot the obstacle course & run back to chair.
Put all your clothes & boots back on. Shirt must be buttoned up, belt re-looped through jeans, shoes & socks back on.
Run over to horse once dressed. Remove saddle from horse. Saddle must be taken & placed on chair.
Jump on horse bareback and gallop around the arena again, stop at designated point, jump off and lead horse over finish line.




Open to all kids 9 years & under
Come along to the Show dressed as your favourite
'Super Hero'

3 Races to enter

Egg & Spoon  *  Sack Race  *  3 Legged Race

Registration at the Marquee beside the Moller Pavilion at least
fifteen minutes before races begin



Head Steward: Merrick Blok 0447 417 406

Saturday afternoon before Farm Produce Auction

Entry Fee: $5.00  /  Maximum of 10 entrants
When the music starts competitors must mount their horses & race to the other end to reach one of the bales of hay. As the event progresses a bale of hay is removed until only one bale remains



Shopping Relay 

0427 871 542

Saturday Afternoon, Main Arena
Nominations in the Ring Office on the day.
Indemnity forms MUST be signed by a parent or guardian
Entry Fee: $12.00 per team

Teams consist of 8 children aged consecutively from 5 years up to 12 years

The Relay Race starts with the eldest child, at each changeover one item is removed from the shopping basket.

First Prize $80.00, Second Prize $56.00, Third Prize $32.00, Fourth Prize $24.00
& Rosettes
Sponsored by GNF Real Estate, Bangalow